Xenon Pacsho, more known simply as Xenon was a Sygorian general and later the Grand Chancellor of the Sygorian Confederation. Born to the noble Pacsho family, he was the second child of his parents, thus he wasn't expected to succeed his father as duke. Despite this, he was still given high education and eventually joined the Sygorian Military Academy. Years later he became a General during the Sygorian Crusades and became one of the most succesfull generals in the military. After the crusades Xenon started a succesfull coup d'état against the ineffective Sagittarian government and installed himself as Grand Chancellor of the Sygorian Confederation. When Kolner V Selosh attempted his invasion of Sygor, Xenon defended Sygor from the Trinakian invaders. This attempted invasion started the Slave Wars. During the war Xenon became one of the major leaders of the Grand Coalition. When the war ended Xenon continued as Grand Chancellor until he thought he was becoming too old. Xenon died in retirement in his sleep on (insert date here) and was fondly remembered by both Sygorians and the Galactic Community.